NFC Visiting Cards

NFC smart business card connection
NFC Visiting Cards
  • Durable plastic material
  • Subtle & elegant design
  • Increasingly popular
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

How NFC Card Works?

Your visiting card

The person who owns the NFC visiting card needs to enable NFC on their smartphone. This is usually done through the settings menu.

Your customers

When someone else wants to receive your contact information, they simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphone against your NFC visiting card.


Upon tapping, the NFC chip in the visiting card transmits the stored information wirelessly to the smartphone. This typically includes contact details, website links, or any other data programmed into the chip.

NFC Card Options

Business Info

Important details about you and your business.

"Call Now" Button

An Instant Help for your customers via "call now" button.

E-mail Button

Provide ease to customers via "E-mail" button.

Add Contact Button

A button that allows you to add new contact.

Social Links

All social media account links.

Website Link

Your site link.

Photo Gallery

Photos that you uploaded.


Videos of your business.


Your business hours.