How do NFC Business Cards Work?

NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards use a type of wireless communication technology to exchange information between a card and a compatible device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Here’s also learn about how does digital business card work? Before we start we also need to understand what does a digital card mean? 

Here’s how NFC Business Cards work:

1. NFC Chip Embedded in the Card: NFC business cards have an embedded NFC chip. This chip contains a small amount of memory that can store data such as contact information, URLs, or other types of data.

2. Proximity Activation: NFC technology operates within a short range, typically up to a few centimeters. When an NFC-enabled device, like a smartphone, comes close to the NFC chip in the card, the device can read the data stored on the chip.

3. Data Transmission: The NFC chip uses electromagnetic induction to communicate with the NFC reader in the device. When the device is brought close to the card, the NFC reader generates a magnetic field that powers the NFC chip, allowing it to transmit data to the device.

4. Information Display: Once the device reads the NFC chip, the stored information (such as contact details or a URL) is displayed on the device’s screen. For example, if the card contains a URL, the device might prompt the user to open the link in a web browser.

5. Compatibility: Most modern smartphones and tablets come with built-in NFC capabilities. Users might need to enable NFC in their device settings if it is not turned on by default.